Hello friends, welcome to my website.

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Hello, I'm Tumeden from Canada

an enthustiastic hobbyist who does Game server Administration, Moderation, Organization and Event coordination

" I'm a problem solver and i have a big passion for gaming communities. Over the past 10 years I have ran - as well as helped run various gaming servers, websites, forums, IRC channels and discord servers

Every day i wake up and make sure your servers are running smooth, clean your forum posts, moderate chat rooms and have friendly discussions within the community. I believe being close to the people in a community brings trust, integrity and lets you connect with people on a whole new level so that you can better understand and support them."


This is what I can do for you

Server Administration

OS installments, configuring dedicated servers, and getting your game servers started is just a few of the many things I do. I keep a close eye on the inner-workings of servers to ensure everything is running in tip-top shape!

Community Moderation

Equipped with the right tools, and know-how, with 10 years of experience i can keep your website, chatrooms and social media outlets clean from scammers, spammmers and give them the hammer.


Along with Moderation, I can also keep everything organized and easy to find. Whether it's organizing your file directory or emails, or pruning - deleting and relocating topics on your forums. I'm up for the task!

Event Coordinator

This is something i'm quite new with and learning as i go, but the ultimate goal is to provide well organized weekly events for your community.

Customer Service

Something that is always Number ONE, Customer service. I thrive to provide top of the line customer service and ensure product get's to the customer, and customers are happy, content, and overall satisfied.

Live Support

I provide live chat help, as well as 1 on 1 live support whenever it is required of me. Among these things, i also provide support across social platforms and forums/websites tied to your community.

Close to me

Here are a few communities/organizations that are close to my heart, feel free to check them out.

BonniesLab, orginally known as BonniesCosplay is a wonderful twitch streamer who is friendly, funny and plays mostly League of legends, She also does Art streams once a week!

Twitch Streamer


Aroebe, is a variety streamer on twitch.tv who is full of laughs, positive vibes and is very interactive with his fans. He plays league of legends, dead by daylight, fortnite & many more games.

Twitch Streamer


Josh, is a indie game developer, who is very knowledgable with a variety of programming lanaguges. I met him back in the early 2000's and have been in contact ever since!

Indie Game Dev, Coding Genius

Josh Forde, fordesoft.com

Primegames is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition server & community which is a fun, family friendly place to hang out and spend some time. Great owners, active staff, and a thriving community of unique individuals.

Minecraft Community